Business Profile

Business overview: we specialize in indoor ice and snow stadiums and industrial and commercial special refrigeration engineering. We serve indoor and outdoor ice and snow venues and various fields of industrial and commercial refrigeration technology research and development applications. We are engaged in project planning, engineering design, CFD simulation design, BIM modeling design, electrical automation engineering, EPC general contracting and refrigeration system operation and maintenance management. We provide full life cycle engineering services to customers at home and abroad.

Up to now, we have completed many top projects in the industry, such as the five core winter Olympic sports represented by the national speed skating hall, the national snow sledding center and Sunac Guangzhou indoor ski resort with the highest scale and standard.

We have compiled the code for “Rules for the design of indoor ice and snow stadiums”. We lead the industry technology to green development and build safe, energy-saving, reliable refrigeration system.

Scope of business


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